How to Improve your Body and Mind in 21 Days! Trade your Bad Habits for Good ones…

In our lives, we have both good habits and bad habits. It is widely known that you really can't get rid of bad habits, rather you have to replace them with a good habit. Now, what I mean by that is for you to pinpoint a bad habit in your life and for you to replace it with a good habit that's going to give you more of a benefit.

Studies have shown that it takes about 21 days for a habit to become a part of your permanent daily ritual. Three weeks of doing something creates a neural connection in your body and mind that forces you to make the habit a part of your daily life.

Now, think of it like this: When a rocket leaves the earth and gets launched into space, it takes a majority of the fuel just to get the rocket off the ground. Most of the fuel is simply used to fight the pull of gravity and to take the rocket off the ground. Once it launches from the ground, it rises easily into outer space. Now that's pretty cool because your habits operate in the same way.

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Let's say you want a simple habit of waking up earlier. Well, the first couple of days are going to be the most difficult. Actually, once you get through that initial 3 week phase, it becomes more of a permanent part of your life…Soon after you will notice the tremendous benefit, because your body will actually get used to waking up earlier and it will do it on its own with minimal effort.

Now, the same thing goes with nutrition and exercise.  Whereas, specific habits require you to work hard initially within them, once they become a part of your life, you in a sense create a craving from it being a part of your daily rituals.

When you start specific habits, just like anything, it builds willpower. One habit influences another habit. The more you build willpower, the more it's going to positively affect other areas in your life. Let's say, for example, you start eating healthier, well eating healthier increases your levels of discipline in other areas also.

Now, the cool thing about having willpower is that it passes often to other areas of your life. One positive habit will increase other positive habits in your life, like the idea of having the discipline of eating healthier. It will not only give you more energy, but it will give you a level of discipline that will improve in your relationships, improve in your work life, so on and so forth.

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The other factor that makes a habit more permanent is having a reward system. We follow habits much better when there's a reward involved. So, let's say you are in the habit of exercising and enjoying yourself, you should regularly reward yourself …I’m a big believer in a short-term reward, and a long-term reward. Your short-term reward would be eating healthier, getting through it having a cheat meal for the weekend.

An ideal cheat meal is a short-term reward, whereas, you indulge yourself and enjoy everything all in one sitting. This has many benefits, not just for the psychological aspect of letting yourself go and getting off of your routine, but it also gives you a physiological boost for your thyroid.  It actually boosts and benefits your metabolism.

Now, the long-term reward should be rewarding you monthly for a good month of eating well or doing well.  Give yourself a little gift.  It can be going shopping to signify your little celebration for following a good solid routine over a long period of time. Literally make it a ritual of going shopping or going to a nice restaurant, even getting away for a day or a weekend. Say to yourself, okay this is a reward for the hard work that I've done…

Okay, now summarize: pick one bad habit that you’re currently following and replace it with a good habit…Stick to this new habit for 21 days, and when you follow through-reward yourself with a nice gift…


BOOM Let's do this!

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