Flat Belly Workout Program (Videos for You!)


I put together this Flat Belly Workout program for You…SImply watch the videos and perform this routine everyday.

Do each exercise three times,10- 20 reps each…  In total this entire routine should take you less than 30 mins to complete…

Long island personal training long island personal trainer flat belly 300x199 Flat Belly Workout Program (Videos for You!)

Make sure you dont screw around with your nutrition, if you want maximal results…

Enjoy the soreness  ; )


Double V Crunch



Elbow Bridge Plank



Air Crunch



Alternating Bike Crunch



Long Island Personal Trainer

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  1. Sheila Bernstein says:

    Nice work AJ– you look great 

  2. Great Videos thanks, six pack here I come :) thanks for taking the time to make these vidoes.

  3. Thanks Sheila!

  4. Lee, you got it my brotha!

  5. Christina Mashoulu says:

    Hi aj, jen sent me your site.  I was wondering if you have an RSS feed?  I usually keep up to date with blogs in my google reader.  it wasnt working with yours?

  6. No sorry no RSS Feed…Just  download my Free Report and add you're emal Chris