Theanine- All Natural Chill Pill

Do you ever get Stressed out?

How about those nights when you’re Awake staring at the ceiling, your brain is going 100 miles an hour and you can’t Sleep….

Stress Baby Theanine Long Island Weight loss Theanine  All Natural Chill Pill

I can’t feel my foot Man…

Relax the Right Way

Theanine is  a revolutionary all natural remedy which will help you De-stress, Boosts your immune system and dramatically Improves your brain function and memory…

Theanine works by shutting down the “worrying” part of the brain and increases the ability to concentrate and focus one’s thoughts, as measured by the increased generation of brain alpha waves.

Some believe that theanine even makes learning easier.

The cool thing is your probably taking small amounts of it daily if you drink Tea (25 mgs of Theanine per cup)

The problem is you probably aren’t taking enough to get any benefits…

Thats why I recommend supplementing with the amino acid Theanine.  Its derived from Tea Leaves and its very safe with out any Side Effects.  Take 50-100 mgs whenever you are feeling stressed from daily life or if you need a good-nights sleep after a long hard day.

Best of all, it promotes Relaxation without Drowsiness…Give it a shot!

Top 5 Dining Out Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss DINING TIPS Top 5 Dining Out Weight Loss Tips

1. Be proactive and find the restaurant's menu online.  Figure out exactly what you

want to eat beforehand.


2.  Eat a Fruit or Vegetable prior to going out to dinner.  Never walk into a restaurant ravenously hungry.

3.  Watch your beverages.   Stick to Water, Diet Soda, Coffee or Tea

4. Dont be afraid to modify your meal.  Ask for sauces and dressings on the side.

Even ask for your meal to be Steamed or Grilled


5.  If you decide to indulge and cheat, just have smaller portions.




Queens Personal Trainer 

Sneaky Fitness Tactic- Zero Calorie Foods

Hey I have the perfect snack for you when you get those late night cravings and you ate enough for the day…

I want to share a list of sneaky snacks and foods that I incorporate into my daily diet.

Many of these choices are zero and low calorie foods and beverages that will greatly reduce your overall caloric intake thus helping you lose more fat.

I love these zero calorie snacks because I can virtually eat an UNLIMITED amount of them and not gain a single pound of fat.

Granted the “high calorie” version tastes much better, but adding these zero and low calorie choices to your meals will greatly enhance the flavor without adding much calories.

1 pound of fat is 3500 calories and by simply reducing 500 calories a day you can lose

an entire pound of fat per week!

One hour of moderate exercise burns approximately 500-800 calories.  By substituting these ultra healthy choices in your daily nutrition, you can burn off hundreds of additional calories per day!

Be sure to add some of these ultra healthy choices to your shopping list.  I also provided websites for ordering products online along with recipes to make your life easier.

If you happen to have your own low calorie choices be sure add a comment and let me know.

The more options we have the easier this gets…

p.s- I even did my research and contacted most of these companies to make sure they match their label claims…  Believe me some of these taste to good to be true!

Zero low cal foods Sneaky Fitness Tactic  Zero Calorie Foods

Here is the Sneaky List I compiled for YOU

Any Waldens farms products (all calorie free!)

Wide assortment of sugar free and zero calorie candies and chocolates

Delicious sugar free syrups to add to foods and beverages

Smuckers Sugar Free Preserves- Jam

Sugar free jello- filling and only 10 cals

Crystal light or any sugar free/low calorie powdered mixes

Tropicana Trop50 juices (low cal/low sugar)

Popsicle Sugar Free pops- stay under 40 cals

Kashi products are generally good- watch overall calories-fats and sugar

Fiber one- many are good read the labels- the site also has recipes for the original cereal

Kellogs all bran “extra fiber” cereal

Wish bone salad spritzers or any fat free dressing of choice

I cant believe its not butter spray

Dream fields low carb pasta

Tumaros Low in carb tortillas

Popcorn packets- smart pop 100 cals per pack

Hellmans Light mayonnaise

Healthy Life Bread- only 35 calories per slice!

Lets make it Happen,

By AJ Mihrzad

Sneaky Fitness Tactic- Magic Energy Powder

Do you ever feel burnt out?

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